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Working in the current coronavirus environment


Today we bring you an interview with Greg Doersching, one of the leading recruiting experts in the U.S. Greg is not only a thought leader and trainer in the recruiting industry, but he has presented countless workshops, trainings, and keynote addresses to staffing conferences, talent acquisition teams, and human resource forums. We are thrilled to have gotten a few moments of his time to hear his thoughts and recommendations for working in the current coronavirus environment.


Jean: “Greg, what has been the most interesting development for you in respect to conducting business in this environment?”


Greg: “One of the things this situation has taught us, is abundantly clear, – is that companies are being shown which people and which roles can truly be effective in a home-based environment. There are probably many roles that companies just thought had to be done at the office (as that is the way things have been done for years), whether working in finance, engineering, marketing, administration, or human resources, etc. Now companies are learning that work still gets done, and progress continues in key business initiatives, from home offices. On the other side of the coin, we also are learning which employees flourish in a home office arrangement, and which truly need the hum and buzz of an office to be fully productive.

Some people are discovering that all this at home time isn’t what they thought it would be, and of course others are thriving. Last week on Twitter, I saw two posts on top of each other where one employee was stating how productive he was at home and the other was, “I can’t wait to be back in the office. I need my team.”


Jean: “How have you seen the influence of video conferencing?” 

Greg: “Amazingly big! Without a doubt, this new time in our lives has made video conferencing much more meaningful. It is one thing to stay in touch via email, instant messaging, or text, but sometimes you just need to see your employee’s or boss’s facial expressions. Do they truly understand what I am saying? Do they know I meant that as a joke? Ok, I know they heard me on the phone, but did they really “get” what I was asking for? There is so much in human connection that is conveyed by facial expressions and reactions. Video conferencing can really help managers know their team members are receiving the messages they are trying to send and vice versa.”


Jean: “What tips do you have for people that are new to having a home office?”

Greg: “The biggest mistake people can make in starting to work at home is thinking that they don’t need a designated work space. It just doesn’t bode well for someone to think they are working by setting up their laptop on a coffee table, or plopping in their favorite chair in the living room, laptop in lap, with the TV going. For your new work space to be successful, it needs to be in a separate area of the house. It should be in a space where you can tell your family, “I am at work now, and can’t have interruptions for the next 2 hours.” You need to treat this new work space as if you have just left your home and gone to the office as normal.”


Jean: “Is there any other advice you’d offer to people working from home?”

Greg: “I think one of the things that people are missing right now is a chance to use this time to prove they actually deserve the right to have a more flexible work schedule and the ability to work from home on a more regular basis. You need to be very aware of doing things that will let your boss know that you are capable of separating work from home. I recommend doing a few little things that show you’re going beyond the normal call of duty just like you always do for your job. For example, when you start working early in the day let your work product be visible (emails, etc.) because that is the only visibility your boss has of your job. I would submit documents and reports after working hours when you work late to support a pressing schedule. You need to demonstrate that the work is getting done and done well regardless of this situation. Think of that as you go about these next couple of weeks.


Greg Bio: Greg Doersching is the award-winning President of Next Level Coaching – one of the most comprehensive Recruiting Training/Owner Consulting programs in the country. He is also a Senior Network Advisor with Sanford Rose Associates, one of the Top 10 Executive Search Firms in the country.

For over 25 years Greg has been recognized as one of the most innovative voices in the recruiting industry. He is an International Trainer and has presented hundreds of workshops and Keynote Addresses for the National Association of Personnel Services, American Staffing Association and the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services, Fordyce Forum and numerous Regional, State, and Local groups. He is consistently rated as one of the top presenters for each conference and is the recipient of the NAPS Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the Recruiting Industry.


Author: Jean Imbler-Jansen, President, Strategic HR Solutions. Jean founded SHRS in 2001 and is Editor of Recruiting Insider. Her team is dedicated to superior customer service on each executive search assignment for senior level management. SHRS specializes in Senior Leadership, HR, and Nonprofit search. SHRS is located in Louisville, Colorado, but provides the highest-caliber recruiting services across the U.S.

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