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Work on your personal brand for the next 30 days

Feel like you are at an impasse with your job search? Do you want to feel like you are still making progress, and that current world events are not stopping you? No problem, this is a great time to work on your personal brand for the next 30 days.

Here is the good news. The employment landscape for college-educated employees isn’t suddenly going away. When we come through this health crisis, and we will get through it, there may be a new normal, but companies are still going to need great employees. Companies will still have job openings and need to see top candidates like you!

So as you find yourself working remotely, or even just having more down time, you can still be productive, make strides on your job search, and have your personal branding set up for success when the recovery comes.

Your Personal Brand Checklist:

    • Take a look at everything that supports your personal branding, your resume, your LinkedIn (LI) profile, your LI picture, Facebook, Twitter, your cell phone voicemail, etc. Is everything polished and professional? Is it up to date and sending a consistent high-quality message? There is so much more we can say here, but here are a few salient points:
      • Update or fine-tune your resume. And be sure to have a trusted colleague review for typos, grammar, and consistent formatting.
      • Clean up your LI profile. A few things we recommend, instead of adding in your job descriptions to each work section, short bulleted executive summaries are better, and talent acquisition directors and hiring managers looking at your profile will appreciate you went the extra mile. Quantify your accomplishments where possible and utilize key words/terminology that reflect the breadth of your expertise in your industry.
      • Complete your LI profile. In addition to your work background, include your college information, professional certifications or associations you belong to. Add a couple of past supervisor, and/or client recommendations. As much as clients need and appreciate a resume, they will check out your LI profile first. It is today’s calling card.
      • Be sure to have a nice professional photo for your profile (but don’t leave home to get it right now). If you need to update yours, have a family member take a nice picture of you (primarily headshot with your professional look on!) And if Recruiting Insider, April, 2020, Work on your personal brand for the next 30 days 2 you need more tips, please see our recent blog at entitled “Bad LinkedIn photo? It’s a dead end for an interview.”
      • Ensure your Facebook page, if you have one, only has information you might like a future boss to see.
      • Cell phone message. Be sure to personalize and make it pleasant and professional.
    • Find a great book on interviewing skills, and role play with family. There are so many great books out there, but I have always been a fan of Knock’Em Dead Job Interview books by Martin Yate. They are updated each year.
    • Research types of companies you might like to work for. Find who you might know there, or who you might like to be connected with via LI and send some connect requests.
    • Embrace virtual networking. Use LinkedIn to connect with colleagues, former coworkers and people you have met in your space. You can also follow industry leaders in Twitter, and career related tweets.
    • Practice and be able to rock a 7 minute or less explanation of your work background to date. Busy recruiters and hiring directors really appreciate a candidate’s ability to concisely convey their professional background.

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