Wondering why a recruiter has not returned your calls?

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Recruiters and human resource professionals alike really want to help you find the right job. We are pulling for you. If you are successful, we are successful. Human Resources has a vested interest in finding the right employee for their organization as bringing in brilliant talent is one of the most important things top-performing HR professionals can do to positively impact company performance.

It is a win-win for both human resources and the company. It works the same way with recruiters. Bringing in top talent to a company creates customer loyalty and the greater likelihood of repeat business. However, the first jobs you look at may just not be the right fit for one reason or another. This is just part of the process. Keep in mind a job search is a little like dating – you meet some great people, but you don’t necessarily want to marry them. It’s the same with the job market – you will come across some nice companies, but not all opportunities will be the best fit for you.

Here are some possible reasons recruiters may not call you back immediately:

  • Sometimes the job is just not a right fit for you and we can determine this by looking at your resume
  • The candidate has not followed the hiring procedures. Submitting a resume first, etc.
  • The candidate displayed communications or traits that came across inappropriate or that simply do not meet our client’s job specifications
  • Sometimes other candidates are in queue first
  • Some recruiters are with smaller firms and just don’t have the staff to handle all the calls

The key to know however, that the reasons aren’t always negative. Keep positive and professional communications with your job search network and you will help recruiters and companies alike learn about your best traits!


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