Why a great offboarding can help you meet your hiring goals

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Why a great offboarding can help you meet your hiring goals

This article title almost sounds like we didn’t mean to write it that way. That is right, we said offboarding, not onboarding.

In today’s hot candidate market, with more jobs available than great talent, a positive and thoughtful offboarding process has become more important than ever.

Gone are the days of “ –this person left us, we will never hire them back,” getting angry at an exiting employee for the sole reason that they left your company, cutting off their access to the computer before they even hit the door. (Okay, maybe a few minutes after; we do have to answer to our IT security experts ?)

Handshake: Adviser says goodbye to employee

Instead, another way of looking at losing a great employee, is to see more than the negatives. Maybe for some reason, whether it be job enrichment, bigger title sooner, more access to flex time or remote work, better geography, etc., another company just makes more sense for this employee at this time.

Is there anything in the future that you might want to do differently for your employees so they don’t think about leaving? Smart companies know the importance of positive offboarding.

Here are some great reasons to send someone off in style

  • When people are treated nicely upon leaving an organization, a nicely written card, team lunch, etc., they are much more likely to recommend your company to other great candidates.
  • You might want to call that person to stay in touch to share industry ideas, networking, or on a very practical level, you might run into them at next month’s professional association meeting/conference.
  • By treating exiting employees as nicely as new employees you are true to your employment brand of providing a great place to work.
  • Exiting employees who are treated well are much more likely to share true feedback on what you are doing well and where there is room for growth during their exit interviews.
  • Your exiting employee may just decide he/she likes it better at your company and want to come back to work for you sooner than later (it happens a lot!).
  • And if any of the above didn’t sing to you – it is just the right thing to do. Treating someone great that you worked with who has made a decision that is best for them for whatever reason is just good business.

So treat your exiting employees with warmth and excitement for their new work journey. You never know when you might see them in the future.

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