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Need a critical executive position filled? You?re at the right place.

We add strategic value to companies by recruiting proven HR and senior level management professionals with measurable track records. Because of our vast experience in Human Resources and our extensive rolodex, we mitigate your risk and maximize your return on investment.

What our SHRS team brings to the table:

  • 25+ years of recruiting experience, supporting Boards, CEOs, and senior HR leaders.
  • Access to candidates that are not actively looking and ability to attract these candidates to your organization.
  • Leading authority in HR and employment issues; authors of numerous articles on recruiting industry topics and trends.
  • Sought-after speakers at business events, conferences and association meetings.
  • Monthly Recruiting Insider newsletter, with recruitment tips, solutions.

Our Commitment to Candidates

We?re passionate about bringing great employees and great companies together. We make great matches by learning as much as we can about our candidates? strengths and expertise as we do about the opportunities at our client companies. In doing so, we will draw out your value to share your strengths and talents so that we can help? match you to the right job where you will make the biggest contribution, feel the most appreciated, and enjoy the most fulfillment. If we feel at any time a position is not right for you, we will let you know to help you refocus your search in the right direction.

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Our Commitment to Clients

We believe that our clients benefit the most when they treat a search for an executive position as a partnering project. And in this project, we follow a specific set of protocols and processes. We find that communication that is honest, candid, and timely serves the client’s needs to hone in on the best performer. We ask clients to clearly articulate the precise outcomes and deliverables they want this performer to achieve once there. We ask clients to be responsive and communicative in the process, giving us feedback which will be used to streamline our efforts of finding the best performer for the job.