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What are your management leadership qualities?

You might think there are as many books on “leadership qualities” as there are really great business leaders. You can read books on the leaders behind Amazon, Apple, Starbucks and the list goes on.

My question is: What’s on your personal list of leadership qualities? Do you have your own checklist of skills and qualities that will make you a better leader?

Here are five top leadership qualities, several of which have made a lasting impression on me with the top-level executives and CEOs I’ve worked with.

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Top 5 leadership qualities

1) Always give credit where credit is due.

It seems so obvious, but a magnanimous leader recognizes and congratulates the employee or team who did a great job and accomplished a goal. Nothing takes the place, or motivates more, than genuinely feeling that you’re appreciated by your boss.

2) Have integrity and be trustworthy.

Without trust in all of your dealings, not only with employees but also your customers and business associates, you’re at a disadvantage from the start. No one can make the right decision every time, but demonstrating your convictions creates loyalty all the way from board members to your entry-level staff.

3) Be approachable and open.

You’ve read how some of the most innovative leaders operate from smaller offices, even in the middle of other employee cubicles. It’s not suitable for every manager, but a channel of “accessibility” demonstrates respect. You never know where that “winning” idea will emerge.

4) Demonstrate passion.

The most successful leaders and entrepreneurs know some risk and real change are the only way to move forward and grow their business. Optimism, a desire for new strategies and ideas — these are qualities of the passionate leader.

5) Maintain strong ethics.

There’s a long list of recent headlines where ethics were lost in the drive to profits. Your employees entrust their careers and livelihoods to leaders who must make difficult decisions. Everyone eventually will be accountable to whether those decisions are ethical or not. Should this be No. 1 on your leadership checklist? Many today would say yes.

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