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For anyone who’s been stuck in a bad job and thought, “I gotta get out of here as quickly as possible,” here’s a list of some the weirdest ways employees quit their jobs.

We’re not recommending you actually try any of these. A simple letter of resignation, a polite meeting with your manager and two weeks notice will certainly help your future job prospects.

But nearly anyone running a business or in human resources could add to the list.

We know of one employee who didn’t make a fuss at all. She simply stopped coming to work. After being unable to reach her by phone, the company called the police to check on her safety. When she came to the door, and the police explained that her boss was worried about her, she said simply, “I’m fine, please tell them I quit.”

The following stories were collected from surveys by Menlo Park, Calif.-based Office Team of more than 600 HR managers. File these under “How not to quit your job.”

We ranked them like David Letterman’s Top 10 lists, saving the best for last. You can fill in your own drum roll.


No. 10: An employee left for lunch and never came back.

No. 9: A worker threw a brick through the company’s window with the words “I quit” written on it.

No. 8: A woman created a music video to say why she was quitting.

No. 7: An employee quit by just leaving a sticky note.

No. 6: A female employee said she was stepping out to buy new boots, and was never seen again.

No. 5: An employee sent out an email blast to the entire staff, announcing his resignation.

No. 4: An employee quit via Facebook.

No. 3: An employee’s parents let the company know their son was resigning.

No. 2: An employee baked a cake with her resignation letter written on top of it.

And, now, the No. 1 weirdest way employees quit:

No. 1: A guy hired a marching band to accompany him when he resigned.


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