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As a top-level manager, do you have these traits?

Looking back over my career before I ran my own company, and listening to hundreds of candidates’ thoughts on what makes a good boss, there are many characteristics that are important to employees. But these three traits seem to ring true for all:

  • “I’ve got your back.” A good boss always supports you when the chips are down. It’s easy to support your employees when everything in your department is running smoothly. But backing up your staff is vital when everything isn’t going well or unanticipated events result in substandard execution. It’s that type of loyalty that will build your credibility and trust with employees that will result in long tenure.
  • Genuinely invested in employees’ career growth. Many bosses are great at managing their own career growth, but they’re less interested in helping the career paths of their employees. Strong performers might even intimidate them. A great boss is actively engaged and fully interested in helping you reach your own goals – both personal and professional. This doesn’t mean helping you get his job done, but it does mean helping you increase your scope, responsibility and positive exposure within the organization as your skills and job knowledge increase.
  • Truly interested in the right compensation. This means ensuring employees get their performance review on time, staying current with the market rate for all positions, and that each employee’s accomplishments and growth are accurately and consistently reported to the powers above.

These three traits alone will go far to place you as a boss to be cherished. And that’s much better for your business success than dealing with disenchanted employees.


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