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Say Yes! to faster meetings

Have you seen the coffee cup around your office that says, “I survived another meeting that should have been an e-mail”? Smart companies – and this is backed up by research – know that speedier, more creative meetings are more productive. Keep in mind the adage “Work expands to the time you schedule for it.” Nothing could be truer when it comes to holding a meeting. Here are easy, quick tips to get faster, results-oriented business meetings. Send these goals around to get all company managers on board.

  • The biggest pain point in meetings is length. Try for 15-minute meetings … 30 minutes at the max.
  • Yes, set an actual timer.
  • Do you really all need to gather around a table in the first place? Can a project meeting be done remotely? Employees can leave comments in shared documents.
  • Limit participants to people that need to be involved. The most productive meetings have no more than eight people.
  • Agendas are good. But keep them short and to the point. Documents that need to be reviewed can be sent in advance.
  • Want to really move a meeting along? Have everyone stand up. This is useful if a quick daily team meeting is necessary. But avoid unnecessary and long status update meetings. E-mails work just fine.
  • If you’re gathering in a room, create a “coat check” on cell phones. Ringing phones, text alerts or the urge to stare at social media are always distracting.
  • Apple’s Steve Jobs came up with a great tool to conclude meetings. Any task was assigned to a D.R.I. – Directly Responsible Individual.
  • Faster meetings take practice. Long-winded participants may need a direct reminder if they caused a meeting to run too long.
  • Another tech giant, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, had this to say about meetings. “You have a meeting to make a decision, not to decide on the question.”

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