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News flash: LinkedIn is not Instagram. It?s not either. Your LinkedIn photo is crucial to your personal ?brand.?

LinkedIn is a professional networking site; potential clients, recruiters and even investors are checking out your resume, work experience, blog, and yes, your photo.

On a recent search for clients, I came across photos that are about as wrong for LinkedIn as you can get. Some were even comical. A profile picture mistake like these can put you on the cut list even if your resume seems to shine.

If you?re guilty of a profile picture mistake like these, change it as quickly as you can. Hire a pro photographer (not your spouse) and play it safe.

So what did I find?

? Wedding photos. Men wearing a tux, even one woman in her wedding veil. Really? Would you wear your wedding tux to a job interview?

? Bathroom mirror selfies. Honest. On one, I could see the makeup and contact solution on the counter behind her.

? A picture of a person and their kids. Would look great on your fireplace mantle but not on LinkedIn.

? Completely out-of-focus photo — grainy, fuzzy. Maybe you thought you could just crop your head shot out of a photo of you and your friends. It doesn?t work.

? Cleavage or trying to be sexy. Again, this is not You?re looking to make a business contact, not a hot date. Let?s include strapless dresses in this same category. From the shoulders up, I?m not even sure if you?re wearing any clothes at all!

? Crazy head tilt. Wow, I had to tilt my head to look at the photo.

? Just plain creepy expression. I might be scared to meet you in the hall at the office.

? Better yet ? and really, really creepy. A photo that actually looks like you?re a corpse. I know you?re dying to get a job, but this is not the way to do it.

? In the same almost Halloween-like category, there?s the ?severed arm.? You cropped the head shot from a photo with someone?s arm around you, and the arm is still there ? partially anyway. Yikes!

? A photo of you in your car? Did you snap it on your phone while you were driving? Texting and driving is illegal in some states you know.

? Last but not least, you simply did not take the time to put a photo on your profile. Maybe you couldn?t figure out how to do it. You?re not getting high marks for being able to finish a job professionally.


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