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Make it a great day for your new employee

Is there anything worse than arriving for your first day in a new job, and nothing seems ready for you?

Someone points you to your desk, but the chair isn’t a good fit. Your computer isn’t ready, and messy folders from a previous employee are scattered about. You’re wondering if you made the right job decision or not.

Here are 10 smart tips to make your new employee’s first day a perfect one.

  • A short staff memo with name, title and a little about a new manager or employee goes a long way before he or she arrives.
  • Make sure someone’s assigned to greet him and help him get settled in. A mentor or “buddy” who’s friendly and good at answering questions can help throughout the day.
  • Your new employee’s desk should be clean, neat and organized. Have an admin person check on what notepads, pens or other supplies they prefer.
  • A company t-shirt or polo, coffee mug or a welcome note on the desk is a nice touch.
  • In a large company, it’s not possible to meet everyone right away. But a new executive hire certainly will want to meet other key managers, like the director of quality or VP of engineering.
  • Get IT involved early on. Are passwords set up? Has the last employee’s voice mail been removed? Have files on the desk computer or laptop been cleaned up?
  • Don’t shove a training video on a new employee on their first day. HR can have a short meeting to finalize questions about benefits, vacation time, etc., but tedious paperwork can be sent electronically.
  • A lunch at a local restaurant or a catered lunch with other team members really helps make a new employee feel appreciated.
  • Don’t overlook simple things. Where’s the coffee or break room? If there are several restrooms, which one’s the best?
  • At the end of the day, it’s your job as the boss to check in to see how things went. This is the start of what you hope will be years of a good work relationship. A smile, one more handshake and a thank-you will set the tone.

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