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Human Resources Search

Experience matters.

Our founder Jean Imbler-Jansen (a.k.a. our HR Geek) has more than 25 years expertise in the HR field. She has an-depth understanding of the full HR suite. Not only has she done the HR jobs that our clients ask us to fill, but she also has tremendous experience supporting boards, CEOs and senior HR leaders in both her corporate and consulting careers.
With the continually growing demand of companies for HR top talent, we have the network and industry connections to bring you the best and the brightest. Though based in Colorado we work all over the United States and speak with top talent across the country every day. We make it our business to know HR’s most influential, successful leaders and build these relationships.
We understand how important having the right HR leader and HR team is. In today’s world the truly sought after HR leaders are trusted partners to the C-suite and show both a wide breadth of human resource and business acumen. From developing an “employer of choice” culture, to strategic staffing, total rewards creation, employee retention and succession planning, through navigating through difficult business or national crisis – having the right HR staff in place can allow your leadership team to do what they do best with the HR support and expertise they need.

HR positions we’ve placed:

  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Manager
  • HR Director
  • HR Vice President
  • CHRO
  • Chief People Officer
  • Regional Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Director, Talent Acquisition
  • Vice President, Talent Acquisition
  • Corporate Recruiter
  • Compensation Analyst
  • Benefits Manager
  • Director, Total Rewards
  • Learning and Development Manager
  • Organizational Development Director
  • Labor Relations Director
  • EEO/Affirmative Action Manager

Why choose us?

  • 25+ years of recruiting experience, and of supporting Boards, CEOs, and senior HR leaders. In other words, we understand what leadership teams and boards request from HR, and we only present you with the HR candidates that you can depend on.
  • Access to candidates that are not actively looking and ability to attract these candidates to your organization. We are not filling our positions by placing ads. We find out what your particular company needs from HR and we conduct targeted searches for the top players in your space, and tell these candidates your story. We bring your position, strategic objectives, and company culture to life for the candidate.
  • Complete dedication to exceptional customer service. Not only do we communicate with you frequently each week on searches, but we also provide a formal written status report to you each Friday morning throughout the assignment.
  • Our average recruiting cycle – from assignment to accepted offer – is less than 35 days.
  • We emphasize fit – over 80% of candidates placed four years ago are still with the Client company. This is the best example of how we partner with our clients. We place for the long term.

We are known for building HR teams.

This is what gets us excited. Sure it is great to fill a critical strategic role, but we really enjoy the opportunity to build high-performing HR teams. From starting at the top with a CHRO, to bringing aboard an industry-experienced Talent Acquisition Director to lead recruiting and staffing initiatives, to placing the Manager of Total Rewards, and so on.
For many of our clients we are one-stop shopping to build their entire HR team. What is great about this, is we get to understand your culture, your unique mission and strategic objectives, your work style, and who is a natural fit for your organization.
We are very good at putting like-minded, smart, results-oriented people together who not only flourish within their specialties, whether that is employee relations, compensation, or talent management; but also enjoy working with each other, which equates to longer tenure, less work interruption, and greater return on investment.

We believe in the power of repeat business.

It is indisputable, repeat business is good for everyone. We love repeat business. We love long-term clients and great working relationships. And to achieve this time and again, we can’t rest on our laurels – nor do we want to.
We conduct every single search as if we are hiring this person for our organization, and candidly, we like working with nice people who are in the top of their field. So not only do we look for the technical competencies and skill-sets that are critical for your unique roles, but we find people you want to work with, and who your team will thank you for hiring!

We’re not afraid to regroup.

Most recruiters won’t tell you this, but sometimes as we explore an opportunity with a candidate, something comes up that just isn’t right for the company or candidate to continue the process. It could be as simple as the location really isn’t right, the candidate needs more flexibility to work remotely, or the dollars and package are off and this would be a temporary fill. It doesn’t have to be a huge negative, sometimes the fit is just off.
You have our word, we let you know as soon as we see a candidate is not going to work out. Starting a new job with a new company is a huge deal for both parties. If it isn’t going to be right, it is not good for either party to continue. And again, we are here to bring you a wonderful candidate who is as excited about your company as you are about them. There is no reason to settle. Let’s get the best.

Our Golden Rule.

You will never see a candidate from us who doesn’t meet all three of these criteria:

  • 90%+ of the skills you outline
  • Willing to accept the salary you specify
  • Motivated by more than just money

“Strategic HR Solutions exceeded our expectations. Given the difficult task to come up with an outstanding candidate in a very tough market, they delivered and then exceptionally managed communications with the candidate. We received updates on each step of the search. As a 20-year recruiting professional, I strongly endorse Strategic HR Solutions as a business partner to get the job done.” – Rodger Sellers, Director of Recruiting, Davidson Hotels & Resorts