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Do the most successful recruiters have a secret “recipe” to finding and landing that top-notch executive your business needs to advance?

To be honest, when hiring a professional search consultant, all you really need to do is make sure you’re asking the right questions. Dig down into the skills listed below, and you’ll discover pretty quickly that “secret sauce” that separates the best recruiters from all the rest.

Here are winning strategies of the hardest-working recruiters, the ones who’ve spent years honing their skills and will convey confidence as soon as you meet them.

  • Great recruiters are pros in “people business.” They dig deeper, research harder and know how to build immediate trust with both business clients and job candidates.
  • Top recruiters make every minute count when working with candidates. They get to the point and speak candidly with job seekers. Because they’re skillful organizers, they know the skill sets your business requires and can narrow the field quickly to target your requirements.
  • Successful recruiters constantly build their talent and referral list, seeking new connections while making sure they stay in touch with professionals they’ve already placed. They’re networking pros — they have to be.
  • The best recruiters know how to use new technology and social media, but they’re not afraid to cold call, search databases and get a jump on good leads before their competitors. Simply put, there’s not a secret technology out there that beats the person-to-person connection.
  • Passion. The recruiter who will work the hardest for your company is passionate about their profession. They don’t mind hard questions, and they won’t beat around the bush or try to bluff when giving you their answers.
  • Recruiting requires sales, and the best recruiters hone their sales skills. They have to sell the benefits of your job opening. They may have to sell a top candidate to move across the country. They’re selling career opportunities, and that requires the ability to motivate people to “close the deal.”
  • Great recruiters possess marketing know-how. They’re reaching out to clients with e-newsletters, connections like LinkedIn and current industry news blogs or columns.

But no one is entirely perfect, you say, and you’re right. Great recruiters are the farthest things from a robot that just follows coded instructions.

While a search may bring a near-perfect match, it’s still a human interaction between CEO, hiring manager, team members, and candidates. In those rare circumstances when a troublesome problem arises – sometimes even after the hire is final – a top recruiter is there for you.

A great recruiter is a great business partner – one who’ll solve any problem and make it right as soon as possible.


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