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Each time you interact with a search firm you are in essence interacting at some level with the hiring organization. If you have an opportunity to personally interview with your recruiter, you want to present yourself in the same manner as you would if interviewing directly with the company. This means proper dress, proper business etiquette, proper grooming, arriving on time or a bit early, and just using good old common sense. Unless your recruiter tells you otherwise, dress for your recruiter interview as if you were going to an interview at the client company.

If you don’t present yourself properly in the early interview stages, you may not get to proceed. If you show up in jeans and sandals, it won’t make a favorable impression.

Success Tip: Treat your recruiter the same as you would the hiring company, from interviewing skills to your personal presentation. Your recruiter may be interviewing eight to ten other potential candidates for a “must see” list for the client, and can only present two to three for first interviews, so make your presentation count.


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