Have a critical role to fill and need it fast? Spend a little extra time with your executive recruiter.

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Feeling the pressure to hire an important position for your department or organization?

Here are some quick and easy ways to get exactly what you need and make fast tracks toward your dream employee by spending a little preparation time with your recruiter. Providing a current job description is wonderful, but there is so much more to hiring the “right” person for your organization than what appears on a job description.

Here are five easy ways to accelerate your search for the best employee:

1. It’s so simple, but spend one hour with your recruiter. Give him all the information he needs not only to understand the ideal job requirements and attributes of a successful candidate, but provide a personal view of the work environment, culture, benefits, etc.

2. Help your recruiter sell the candidate. What do you and your co-workers like about working for your company? What benefits are cool? What motivates and excites you each Sunday to start a brand new week on Monday?

3. What are your showstoppers? This is critical. If there are seven skill sets you feel are imperative for all candidates, your recruiter needs to know these. Likewise, if there is something that you really don’t want, let your recruiter know that, too.

4. Give your recruiter an example of the best employee that worked in this role? Why do you think that employee was so successful? What did he possess that made working with him such a great experience? The right background? Great attitude for the role?

5. If your recruiter sends you a resume and it doesn’t feel right, that?s absolutely no problem! But to keep the candidate search on track, e-mail a few reasons why the resume falls short for your position. With this valuable information, a good recruiter can fine-tune the search immediately to provide only candidates with the qualifications you desire and get you closer each day to your best hire.


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