Guest Post: Strategic Human Resources Management 101: A Primer for Success. By Kyle Lagunas

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Human resources has changed over the last ten years. No longer solely concerned with administrating benefits and enforcing policies, it has evolved into a strategic role focused on cultivating and utilizing talent in an organization. Largely possible by innovations in software technology this trend towards acquiring, growing, and managing talent or strategic HR is improving the bottom line for companies of all sizes. The question many business leaders are asking, though, is, “What exactly is strategic HR and how can it help my organization?”

Traditionally, HR was a staff oversight function, recording an endless amount of employee data and policy changes. HR professionals were the only ones able to access this important information. Now, HR processes such as hiring and talent management are far more collaborative, and valuable data is shared across the organization. Strategic HR takes this type of information and leverages it to info key business decisions.

A key driver in the development of strategic HR has been the adoption of web-based HR software. HR software solutions focused on best practices in newly emerging functions (talent management, learning management, workforce management) involve both managers and employees in important processes like hiring and performance reviews. By automating core HR functions, managers have more time to focus on improving performance and efficiency. Furthermore, organizations are better able to take a strategic perspective on big-picture practices such as hiring better people, setting performance goals and improving talent effectiveness.

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