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What is great employer branding?

Bad employer branding not only can be a sales disaster, but it will drastically affect your company’s ability to hire and retain the best employees.

Smart companies appreciate that good employer branding starts with simple, positive strategies. Just a little common sense and some extra effort go a long way.

Competitive salaries and benefits, of course, are part of your brand. But top talent is attracted to businesses that actually care about them.

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We often remind client companies how easy it is to leave a box of chocolates or a small gift at a top candidate’s hotel. It doesn’t need to cost much; it’s the thought that counts, and it could give you an edge over a competing offer.

How are you presenting your brand?

Make sure to pay close attention to what candidates see when they research your company.

  • Do you have a smart, well-designed landing page for job openings?
  • Are you promoting jobs, as well as your company brand, through your industry’s leading social channels?
  • For CEO and C Level openings, are you using a highly reputable recruiting agency with a strong standing for bringing in the best candidates?
  • Have you updated and modernized your company logo, web pages and informational materials? Do they reflect a strong company culture and a fun place to work? Good content creation gives candidates a better understanding of your business.
  • Is your company paying attention to favorable public relations, both in local and national media?
  • Do you have a “brandful” workforce? Your existing employees should be your best brand ambassadors.

All of these things come into play in your hiring decisions.

You’re seeking the employee who has the newest ideas to grow and expand your business. You’re seeking employees and managers who are not in it just for the paycheck, but actually love your products and services and want to use them.

A good test that your branding is working and up to snuff is the number of quality employee referrals.  And in interviews, are candidates mentioning how your business culture, location and mission resonate with them?

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Build your brand to attract the best candidates

If any of these are lacking in your hiring, then it’s time for a serious rethinking and some dedicated work to rebuild your employer branding.

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