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Twitter does it. Whirlpool does its. So does Google. And Barclays. And Starbucks.

From smaller tech startups to successful brands like Starbucks, companies are creating very innovative recruiting videos as they compete for the best employees.

Some businesses clearly like to let their employees have some fun (sometimes a lot of fun) with a video project. One company got employees to sing and dance to a Lady Gaga song. Another pulled a bright orange sofa out into the street for employees to gather and hang out.

Starbucks, rated as one of the 100 best companies to work for by Forbes, interviewed interns, letting several describe their work experiences at the Seattle headquarters. The video is posted in Starbucks’ very professional online Career Center. You can watch it here by clicking on “Early In Your Career” at http://www.starbucks.com/careers.

Having fun with your recruiting video shows:

  • Your company really can be a fun place to come to work everyday.
  • You like to see the creative side of employees. You certainly want to get your employees involved in the video, and they’ll get a kick just taking on the project.
  • You’re not afraid to poke a few jokes about your own business.
  • You know how to go for buzz in social media. A fun video can be just the ticket.

Not every business, of course, has the budget of a major financial institution like Barclays. They put together a well-produced video showing how they snap up employees from under the noses of competitors.

Whirlpool took a more “human” approach, hiring country singer Reba McEntire to talk about how their employees volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

Twitter’s video has employees showing the CEO their great new recruiting video, and, of course, it’s completely amateurish and silly. But it gets the point across well – Twitter’s a great place to work, and obviously the CEO agreed.

You easily can search the web for recruiting videos and get a feel for what best fits your company’s culture and budget. But don’t be afraid to go out on a limb a little. It’s a worn-out phrase, but, come on, give your team the chance to “think out of the box.”

With the green light to have a few laughs, you’ll be surprised by how many video “stars” work for you and want to be involved. And when your video’s ready for prime time, the talent you’ll attract will pleasantly surprise you, too.


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