Getting ready for an interview? Be sure to practice for behavioral questions.

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First of all, what are behavioral questions? Behavioral interview questions are based on the concept that a job candidate’s previous behaviors are the best indicators of future performance.

These questions are an interviewing technique where the interviewer will ask you to describe actual experiences step by step of how you completed a project, handled a difficult situation, etc. If you haven’t practiced this particular line of questioning before, you definitely want to try a few on to get the hang of it. The danger for candidates is to go into too much detail, select examples that are too complex to answer in a short time-frame, or possibly ramble. Here are a couple of sample behavioral questions:

Describe a time for me when you were given complete leadership for a team project and how you made it successful.

Give me a specific example of when you strongly disagreed with your Supervisor and how you resolved the issue to come to a good end result.

Describe a time for me when you had to deliver a poor performance review. What did you do to prepare?

You can find many sample behavioral questions in books or online. We recommend you practice 10 or so just to get your feet wet and be ready for anything that is thrown to you.

Here is what interviewers are looking for – to see if you can collect your thoughts to walk them through a thorough, logical answer and to provide enough detail to show you can be professional if it is an emotion related question or competent and expert-oriented if it is a proficiency related question.


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