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Get creative for employee referrals

Employee referral programs are a valuable Human Resource best practice, and companies need to ramp up their creativity to be as competitive as possible.

Here are a few top-of-mind tips for a high-quality program.

  • Incentives: Cash, non-cash or extra holidays can all work. U.S. tech giant Intel, wanting to increase diversity hiring, doubles its bonus for successful women or minority referrals.
  • Keep it easy, fun: Don’t complicate the process. Ease of use is important. On the fun side, one large software firm organizes Recruitment Happy Hours, so employees can invite people they want to refer, and recruiters can meet them in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Hire people who amaze you: Those with dynamite leadership qualities or incredible technical skills. Once onboard, follow up and ask them which of their past co-workers and friends have amazed them. Those names could be great leads for your referral program.
  • Feedback: Keep employees in the loop with a simple e-mail or message about the status of their referrals. Has that person moved forward in the hiring process? Even when a hire doesn’t work out, recognize and encourage the employee who made the referral.
  • Great candidate experience: Referral programs only work if you’re able to make the hire. Always look to sharpen your overall interview and hiring techniques.
  • Good causes: In addition to a cash bonus for a referral, some companies add an additional donation to a charitable organization selected by the referring employee. It’s a win-win that can really make employees know they’re making a difference in their community.

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