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Don’t delay. Move fast when you’ve found the right candidate.

With the unemployment rate still dropping, employers on the hunt for the best talent can’t afford to make costly delays toward actual salary and benefits offers.

A hiring boom is on. Digital and tech savvy employees, as well as those in the executive suites, are going to have several interviews lined up. Don’t fool yourself to think otherwise.

When your recruiter and hiring team have done it right, and you’re ready for a “yes,” get the wheels turning as fast as you can.

Be spot on with salary and benefits.

Be spot on with a competitive salary and ready to detail all benefits, including any special company perks. Keep in mind that candidates value vacation time, flex time, health benefits and company culture high on their perfect job wish list.

The worst mistake is a “lowball” offer. Those days are over. Simply testing the waters to see if a candidate might accept a little lower salary than they were expecting can ruin your chances.

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Consider these “Get the hire made faster” tips:

Streamline your hiring process. If it’s necessary for the president or CEO to meet final candidates, build that into your time wisely. A delay of a day or two could easily see your candidate going somewhere else.

  • Go for a commitment. Candidates need a reasonable time to think over your offer. But ask how they feel about the job. If you sense they’re hesitant, try to find out why. Is it something that can be solved quickly?
  • Stay in touch. Without being pushy, a professional e-mail or even a phone call reinforcing to a candidate that they’re your top choice let’s them know you’re serious.
  • Your recruiter can help, too. A candidate may be more open to discuss a sticking point issue with your recruiter, who can pass along that information for you to resolve.
  • Get contracts in place. Negotiations with more senior or C-Level positions can take a little longer. But speed up the process by getting a sample contract reviewed and approved by your legal counsel up front.

Simply act faster. Get reference checking or background search done early on, too. It’s all about timing – and avoiding unnecessary delays or roadblocks. Now get moving!

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