Execs skilled in data analytics, cyber security competing for ‘hottest jobs’ in 2015

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Ever wonder how much data is created every single minute? It’s a fun question to ask Google, which, of course, then generates more data.

If you’re a person who does a lot more than just wonder about data — if you actually have the skills to collect, analyze and manage that data, then you’re in one of the hottest job fields for 2015. Every major industry sector – from retail to life sciences to financial – is searching for executives who can respond to the digital age demands.

Titles include Chief Digital Officer, Digital Marketing Officer, Analytics Practice Leader, Head of Customer Engagement and in the human resources arena, Head of People Analytics. Every serious business seeks candidates who can tackle the ongoing growth of big data as well as the associated risk and security issues.

Experienced digital execs, according to CTPartners’ 20th annual Hot Jobs forecast, can expect average annual salaries exceeding $100,000. “The war for talent is definitely going to continue throughout 2015,” said CTPartners CEO Brian Sullivan.

Here are just a few examples, according to CTPartners, where these digital wizards are in demand:

  • Digital Marketing and Chief Creative Officers obviously must lead shifts from traditional advertising into new online platforms. With five years experience, salaries average $146,868.
  • Head of People Analytics, reporting to the Chief Human Resources Officer, uses analytic tools to dig through data and provide critical information to the CEO about a company’s human capital. Those skilled in data modeling and people management average salaries of $122,478.
  • Chief Information Security Officers often have a defense sector or federal government background as cyber security leaders. Experienced candidates average pay of $131,323. Dave DeWalt, CEO of security firm FireEye, told 60 Minutes that “literally 97 percent of all companies are getting breached.” Any wonder why cyber security experts are in demand?

So back to the first question of how much data is produced each minute. Ponder these crazy numbers.

Twitter averages more than 100,000 tweets a minute. Google receives 2 million search requests each minute, while Facebook users post 684,478 pieces of content in the same 60 seconds.

Online shoppers now spend about $272,070 each minute – that?s $391 million every day.

These stats, of course, are just a drop in the bucket of data being created or accessed per minute. No one really seems able to add it all up. It’s no surprise that companies are fighting for talent to keep them on the top of the digital data revolution.


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