Dull or joke voicemail hinders your job search

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Sometimes, it’s the small things that will keep you from getting the job you want. One of those could be your voicemail.

Despite sending out a professional resume, did you think what it sounds like when a potential employer or recruiter calls back and all they hear is, “You’ve reached 303-440-0909. Leave a message.”

As a recruiter who liked your resume enough to give you a call, these kind of impersonal voicemails are a real turn-off.

Worse yet, you totally forgot the joke message your son recorded and left on your home phone. “Hi, you’ve reached Big Tomato Pizza. Leave your order, and we’ll call you back.”

You can forget getting the call back.

Make sure you record a simple, professional voicemail – it could be the very first impression you’re making to an employer.

Leave your name, phone number, say you’re unavailable, and you’ll call back as soon as possible. Ask the caller to leave their name and number. “Hello, this is Anne Smith. I can’t take your call right now but please leave your name and number. I’ll return your call as soon as I can.”

Speak slowly, clearly and in a professional tone. Avoid music playing in the background or any other cute or funny twists.

You might ask a family member or a friend to listen to your message and see what they think.

Paying attention to small details like this will definitely improve your chances of getting the interview you want.


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