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Layoffs at companies are not uncommon, and employers recognize that not all jobs work out for everyone.

So it’s important when you’re interviewing following a termination that you don’t try to hide what happened. What’s important is that you have a clear head, you’re not feeling angry and you have good answers ready for why you lost your job.

The last thing an interviewer wants to hear is an applicant bad-mouthing a former boss or criticizing a company where he worked. There’s no room for negative comments, especially about former co-workers.

Gaps on resumes will happen while you?re looking for a new position. Don’t try to hide them. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is as up to date as your current resume. Accurate job titles need to match, too, both online and in print. Seasoned HR managers or search consultants will be checking both.

Interviewers are looking for a positive attitude, especially when they know you’ve lost a job. Expect to be asked why you left a company, and simply keep your answers brief and honest. Focus on the good things you learned in your previous job.

Perhaps the time off gave you the chance to take a much-needed vacation or do some volunteer work in the community. You can put a positive spin on how a layoff has allowed you to pursue better opportunities at a new company.

Interviewers are looking for confidence and someone who’s sure of their abilities and past experience. If you used some of your time off to take classes or training courses, explain how those new skill sets match up well with the position you’re seeking.

Losing a job is never easy, but don’t carry any blame into your interview. If you’re distraught about an exit, take a little time to get yourself into a better place emotionally.


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