Don’t delay your hiring needs in the fourth quarter

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End of year does not have to mean end of hiring.

The year has flown by, but there’s still time to take care of important hiring needs in the fourth quarter. Despite some challenges, it can happen!

Rather than dwell on negatives, encourage your hiring team to be positive.

There are actually good reasons why you should not procrastinate until the first of the year.

  • Hiring now avoids any risk of a headcount cut for next year. Get openings filled before budget planners decide to make do with fewer people.
  • Many good, smart candidates realize competition will thin out in the fourth quarter. Those same candidates have a real desire to find a new position before year-end. This can put your company in a strong negotiating space.
  • Often candidates have accrued vacation time toward year-end. They can use that time to travel to your job interview.
  • You may have been holding off on new management hires, waiting to make sure that sales have been good or important contracts were in place. Entering the fourth quarter, your financials and goals for fiscal year end should be clearer.

image of business people post-interview shaking hands, good times.Yes, there are annual recruitment peaks in certain industries, including financial, professional and business services, which often do most of their hiring in the second quarter. But businesses don’t shut down in November and December. Many are even busier to meet year-end numbers.

It’s not that different for recruiters, who often are more determined to fill positions before year-end. So they’re ready to make an extra push if you’re willing to do the same thing and help get the job done.

There’s plenty of time to hire before Thanksgiving and December holidays arrive.

Keep these factors in mind:

    • If candidates must travel to interview with your company, air reservations need to be made in advance of the busy holidays.
    • You need to schedule your own hiring team as well. Many of them will be taking time off around the holidays.
    • By bringing a new employee on board now, he or she can be more comfortable and prepared for the rush of new business activity in the new year.
    • Some companies say candidates they interview in the fourth quarter are often more serious and determined to close the deal. If they’re showing drive through the holiday period, that’s a good sign of their determination.
    • Finally, getting employees on board now, especially at the executive level, means they can enjoy holiday social activities or parties at your company. Those events can be a relaxed environment for your employees to meet them and get acquainted with the entire team.

Don’t let the holidays be an excuse to delay critical hires, especially in executive and HR management.

The sooner those C Level hires are in place, the sooner your company is ready to kick off the new year with a running start.


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