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Paying attention to good people skills creates a healthy organization that not only is a great place to work, but one that your employees will naturally refer to their friends and personal network — resulting in a positive impact to the bottom line.

How do we make sure we keep an emphasis on this appealing feature so we don’t lose it?

First, let’s define what good people skills are. Good people skills are varied and numerous, but here are some basics.

-Remember the common courtesies. Be on time for meetings, say please and thank you, and always use consideration.

-Recognize your co-workers that go the extra mile to assist you with your work (and return the favor whenever possible).

-Return all phone calls or emails within 24 hours. You don’t have to have an answer to everything, but people appreciate being remembered.

-Be aware when a co-worker is under stress – ask how you can help.

-Think about how your decisions will affect the whole, not just a segment of your organization.

-Provide timely recognition where it is due.

-Have the ability to express yourself clearly, collaborate effectively with your team and exchange feedback without offense.

And here is the big one, if you have to deliver bad news, think about if the tables were turned, how would you like to receive the information? Delivery and timing are everything.

Sound easy? Most of us take these skills for granted (and some of us are better with our people skills than others) but sometimes we can all use a refresher.


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