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Bad LinkedIn photo? It’s a dead end for an interview

Too many times when reviewing candidates on LinkedIn, we see profile photos that aren’t only unprofessional, but will deter a recruiter from taking the next step. Hiring directors also are checking out LinkedIn profiles, even before approving a first phone screen of a candidate referred by a recruiter. A bad profile picture leaves anyone in the process from taking a candidate seriously. The possibilities for bad photos seem endless. It’s never been truer that a first impression is so important to have any chance for an interview. Here are my Top 10 headshots that make me move on fast to the next candidate.

  • The Wedding: Do you actually wear a flowing white dress or a buttonhole tux to work? We get it. Your momentous day was the only time you hired a professional photographer. But save your memories for others.
  • The Selfie: If you do take your own picture, just make sure it doesn’t look like you did. The telltale sign is your arm extended out in front of you or your closet open behind you!
  • The Big Mug: In too many photos, the face consumes every inch of available space. LinkedIn advises using about 65% of the frame for your photo.
  • The Athlete: OK, you like biking or martial arts or fishing. Keep your love of sports in your resume’s personal hobby section. We’re not looking to hire just because your Spandex shorts fit so well.
  • The Traveler: It’s so cool you visited the Roman Colosseum. Or a beach in Hawaii. Those endless vacation slideshows were never very fun except for the person who did the traveling. Recruiting Insider, March 2019, Bad LinkedIn photo? It’s a dead end for an interview 2
  • The Pet Lover: Awwww, he is a cute puppie. But don’t snuggle him in your LinkedIn photo.
  • The Geek: Really? A digital avatar for a profile photo? List your software abilities in your resume.
  • The Photographer: Yes, your camera does have a black and white filter. There’s a place for those artsy, moody B&W photos, but not in your profile.
  • The Car Lover: Wow, you’ve got a convertible Corvette. What year is that Ford Mustang? Honestly, the “sitting in car” profile picture makes us want to send you down the road.
  • The Holiday Spirit: We saved it for last because we’ve seen it all. Yes, a Christmas tree in the background. Even someone wearing a Santa hat! Happy Holidays and onto the next resume.

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