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Make it a great first day for your new employee

First day should be a great day. Is there anything worse than arriving for your first day in a new job, and nothing seems ready for you? Someone points you to your desk, but the chair isn’t a good fit. Your computer isn’t ready, and messy folders from a previous employee are scattered about. You’re […]

Create a professional voicemail greeting

What’s in a good voicemail greeting? Often, it’s the little things that count. Your voicemail greeting should represent you. Who hasn’t called someone, only to hear that his or her voice mailbox is full with absolutely no message on the other end? If you’re actively searching for a job and sending your resume out, then […]

Update job descriptions prior to posting

Attract the right candidates with engaging job descriptions. Want to find the best talent for the job you need to fill? Be sure to give the job description a second look. One of the easiest ways to promote a cool job with your company to prospective candidates is the job description, but if it’s out of date, […]

Don’t delay your hiring needs in the fourth quarter

End of year does not have to mean end of hiring. The year has flown by, but there’s still time to take care of important hiring needs in the fourth quarter. Despite some challenges, it can happen! Rather than dwell on negatives, encourage your hiring team to be positive. There are actually good reasons why […]

Is your hiring process a train wreck waiting to happen?

HR directors and top hiring managers need to know these telltale signs that their hiring process is driving away candidates, not attracting them. You might think these are just a few worst-case scenarios. But in my years of high-level search, I’ve seen companies lose exceptionally talented candidates from very avoidable mistakes. First, the interview process […]

We are on your side

We want you to find the right job. Recruiters and human resource professionals alike really want to help you find the right job. We are pulling for you. If you are successful, we are successful. Human Resources has a vested interest in finding the right employees for their organization as bringing in brilliant talent is […]

Dull or joke voicemail hinders your job search

Sometimes, it’s the small things that will keep you from getting the job you want. One of those could be your voicemail. Despite sending out a professional resume, did you think what it sounds like when a potential employer or recruiter calls back and all they hear is, “You’ve reached 303-440-0909. Leave a message.” As […]

Go ahead – have some fun with your recruiting video

Twitter does it. Whirlpool does its. So does Google. And Barclays. And Starbucks. From smaller tech startups to successful brands like Starbucks, companies are creating very innovative recruiting videos as they compete for the best employees. Some businesses clearly like to let their employees have some fun (sometimes a lot of fun) with a video […]

I may scream if I have to read another “skills-based” resume

Before you sit down to write your new “skills-based” resume – the one with all the great things you’ve learned in different jobs – think again. You probably read online that this is the hot new trend. But as a professional recruiter wasting far too much time digging through these, I need to know up […]

Getting ready for an interview? Be sure to practice for behavioral questions.

First of all, what are behavioral questions? Behavioral interview questions are based on the concept that a job candidate’s previous behaviors are the best indicators of future performance. These questions are an interviewing technique where the interviewer will ask you to describe actual experiences step by step of how you completed a project, handled a […]