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Photo blooper on LinkedIn a professional blunder

News flash: LinkedIn is not Instagram. It?s not either. Your LinkedIn photo is crucial to your personal ?brand.? LinkedIn is a professional networking site; potential clients, recruiters and even investors are checking out your resume, work experience, blog, and yes, your photo. On a recent search for clients, I came across photos that are […]

Is your resume up-to-date?

It is always time to have a great-looking, polished resume. In today’s business world, your work environment can change in an instant. Companies get acquired, sold and departments can be restructured. It just makes good sense to have an updated, professional resume. And it is so much easier to think about updating your resume when […]

Don’t try to hide a job termination

Layoffs at companies are not uncommon, and employers recognize that not all jobs work out for everyone. So it’s important when you’re interviewing following a termination that you don’t try to hide what happened. What’s important is that you have a clear head, you’re not feeling angry and you have good answers ready for why […]

Never underestimate your first phone interview

Your first phone interview with a prospective employer or a recruiter is a lot more important than you may think. Slip up here, and it’s a good chance you’ll never make it to a “face-to-face” interview. Candidates can be too relaxed or nonchalant in their first phone screen. Since they don’t have to leave their […]

How to not get ‘fired’ by your own recruiter

Can you actually be “fired” by a recruiter who’s working to find the next advancement in your career? After all, a recruiter isn’t your employer but a “consultant” on your behalf. So it’s true, he or she can’t really “fire” you. But she can erase your name quickly from her database of qualified candidates. Even […]

Execs skilled in data analytics, cyber security competing for ‘hottest jobs’ in 2015

Ever wonder how much data is created every single minute? It’s a fun question to ask Google, which, of course, then generates more data. If you’re a person who does a lot more than just wonder about data — if you actually have the skills to collect, analyze and manage that data, then you’re in […]

3% average pay raise forecast for 2015; higher for best-performing employees

Even as the national economy strengthens, pay raises for U.S. employees are improving just a tad, with the average raise in 2015 forecast to be 3 percent. Although that’s still a bit below pre-recession levels, forecasts from both pay consultancy Hay Group and the WorldatWork 2014-2015 Salary Budget Survey agree this is the minimum range […]

‘Be Brilliant’ philosophy shines in Simon Bailey’s new book

Looking for an excellent motivational book to light your inspirational fires and get you going where you need to be. Go get Simon T. Bailey’s new book “Shift Your Brilliance” and grab a highlighter or two! And if you are like me and like to read in order – be sure to get his first […]

Executive’s memo good lesson in how not to lay off employees

It wouldn’t be that hard to write a book “How Not to Lay Off Your Employees” because just about every month or so a top manager, often at a large corporation, demonstrates how to really mess things up. The latest was a memo from Stephen Elop, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Devices and Services business […]

6 Ideas to Foil Technology Overload

Ever gone an entire day – maybe even two days – without checking your e-mail? Or even turning your computer on? Sound good? Or impossible? Tech overload is real. It’s also called employee burnout. It’s now the norm. The Associated Press reported that the average business manager receives 190 emails a day, many requiring a […]