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Letting go of the negative – what not to say in an interview

We’ve all done it… It’s one of the most common errors made by candidates in an interview – making a disparaging remark about the supervisor or company they are leaving or have recently left. If you don’t have something nice to say Joe had a great resume and called about a new management opening with […]

Networking – quick tips for success

Networking is key to finding a job. You seek gainful employment, a job – work – you will enjoy. While you are unemployed, or simply looking for that next great opportunity, you need to consider networking as your part-time job. This means dedicating a portion of each day to networking activities: making calls to key […]

Great employer branding brings the very best candidates

What is great employer branding? Bad employer branding not only can be a sales disaster, but it will drastically affect your company’s ability to hire and retain the best employees. Smart companies appreciate that good employer branding starts with simple, positive strategies. Just a little common sense and some extra effort go a long way. […]

Bad voice mail a bad start for new job search

Often, it’s the little things that count. Who hasn’t called someone, only to hear that his or her voice mailbox is full with absolutely no message on the other end? Job candidates who forget to create a simple, professional voice mail message very well may not be getting a call back from a recruiter or […]

How your business hires the ‘best’ recruiter

Do the most successful recruiters have a secret “recipe” to finding and landing that top-notch executive your business needs to advance? To be honest, when hiring a professional search consultant, all you really need to do is make sure you’re asking the right questions. Dig down into the skills listed below, and you’ll discover pretty […]

REI’s Black Friday shutdown winning employee loyalty

REI’s decision to close stores nationwide for Black Friday not only is winning accolades from employees and customers, but it’s an online sensation, going viral in a campaign that marketing dollars simply could not buy. By choosing to close 123 stores on the day after Thanksgiving and giving a paid day off to its 123,000 […]

Create a culture that values people skills

Paying attention to good people skills creates a healthy organization that not only is a great place to work, but one that your employees will naturally refer to their friends and personal network — resulting in a positive impact to the bottom line. How do we make sure we keep an emphasis on this appealing […]

By all means, don’t take the call if you aren’t ready

Your phone is ringing, and it’s a recruiter. It is perfectly OK to let the first call go to voicemail if you have your hands busy in the kitchen, are rushing to get out the door, or just feel like you need 20 minutes to calm yourself or regain your composure after a long workday. […]

And you thought your employees were working

You have to love the cartoon Dilbert. After all, cartoonist Scott Adams must have a nearly endless list of crazy things employees do instead of actually working, like Dilbert regulating his moods in the office with an “external brain stimulator.” The fact is that nearly every employee finds ways to do some things other than […]

Top 10 weirdest ways employees quit their job

For anyone who’s been stuck in a bad job and thought, “I gotta get out of here as quickly as possible,” here’s a list of some the weirdest ways employees quit their jobs. We’re not recommending you actually try any of these. A simple letter of resignation, a polite meeting with your manager and two […]