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Accepting the Offer

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ve done all the heavy lifting. You’ve phone screened, you’ve bought a new suit, you’ve had multiple on-site interviews, (or with the new normal, possibly multiple virtual interviews), met the team, and you have just received your offer. Hooray!

Now that it is finally here, it can be confusing. Not always, some offers are so amazing from both compensation and career path perspectives, you can’t wait to sign. But sometimes it is a little more complicated. You may really like your current team and company, but had started this process because they can’t offer you the advancement you need. We get it.

Once you have received an offer from a prospective employer, there are some important things to remember, a proper way to deal with the situation, and some thought processes that are wise for you to walk through.

First, switching jobs can be scary, but it’s important that you don’t let that fear hold you back from what can be a very positive decision for your career and family.

Think about this:

Why were you looking in the first place? Are any of the things that prompted you to look originally likely to change if you stayed? How much will your skill set be worth three to five years from now once you’ve added the set of skills the new job would develop to your resume?

Is it fear of the “new” that’s making you hesitate or is there something tangible that is causing you to move forward?

As you walk through the answers to these questions what you will most likely discover is that it is really the fear of change that’s causing the hesitation and not anything specific about the new potential employer.


Here’s the bottom line. Ask yourself these six questions. By the way, number six is hugely important to me.

  1. Would this move improve me financially?
  2. Would this move improve my quality of life both at work and outside of work?
  3. Would I gain new responsibilities by accepting this position?
  4. Would this be a step forward in my career? (It’s not always a step up in title – but would I be more valuable later having taken this position?)
  5. Would it keep or get me back to “home”?
  6. Do I like the people? Do I like my new boss? Can I see myself wanting to share where I work with my friends and family?

If you are answering – Yes – to five of six of these questions – you should be accepting this position and enjoying that decision.

Also, as a recruiter who has been extending offers for over 25 years, I always like to tell my candidates, be sure to let your new organization know how excited you are to join them. It is a two-way street. Companies love to be loved as much as candidates want to be loved. So a short note or call to express your appreciation for the opportunity and offer go a long way!

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