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Imagine the best picture anyone has taken of you, you know the one, your smile is perfect, your hair looks like you just walked out of a salon, you look absolutely wonderful! This is how we want your resume to look – in an appropriate business sense of course. Listed below are nine easy tips to have a great looking resume!

1. Take your resume presentation seriously. It doesn’t need to be a career, but be sure to do a little research on proper presentation, and dedicate some time to prepare your resume to present you in the best light possible.

2. Have an unbiased HR or Search Consultant proofread your resume.

3. Use bullets to describe your essential responsibilities and achievements.

4. If possible, limit your resume to two pages (with sufficient white space and professional formatting).

5. Do not print on pink paper for that “special touch” as Reese Witherspoon’s character “Elle Woods” did in the Legally Blonde movie. Use a quality white or ivory paper.

6. Provide a great representation of your skills and accomplishments so your potential new employer can imagine how you might help them.

7. Present your college degree in a fashion that leaves no question that you have graduated and completed your degree.

8. If you have past employers that have merged or been acquired by new organizations, be sure to provide a brief one line explanation to ensure you are not giving the impression of job hopping.

9. We are going to repeat #2 it is so vital, ensure you have your resume proofed by an HR or Search Consultant.


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