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Many of our clients know us for our last project, whether it was conducting an HR audit, recruiting key HR talent, developing a new compensation program, or delivering executive coaching with demonstrated sustainable behavior change, to name just a few. Outsourcing these projects helps the busy CEO or HR leader complete his/her strategic priorities within required timeframes with high quality results.

Recently a group of our Denver clients gave us some feedback on why they value human resources consulting services:

1) Having a dedicated expert resource to solely focus on the outcome and success of your HR project, whether the project is recruiting or setting up a best practice HR show. In essence, now you have someone to help you arrive at a successful outcome and make you look good in the process!

2) Objectivity – particularly in the sensitive areas of human resource management such as executive coaching, high-exposure terminations, compensation program development, etc. You now have an expert on board who has your best interests at heart, but also can be objective as he/she does not have cumbersome history or turf issues within the organization.

3) Doing what you say you will do. Who has used an outside resource that didn’t deliver what they promised? If I asked this question in a room of busy executives, I imagine the whole room would raise their hand. This is where a great consultancy makes a difference – they actually do what they say they will do. As an illustration: In each recruiting search, I personally call within the first thirty days of hire to see how our newly placed employee is doing, and I keep calling back regularly during the first year of employment and ask these two questions: “How did we do…Did we fully meet your expectations with this hire?” That is how strongly we feel about hiring the right candidates for your organization. We feel the same way about our other consulting services.

For those of you who read our last newsletter, we recently launched a new website focusing solely on the recruiting side of the house, www.sHRsrecruiting.com. HR Search continues to be a significant and growing part of our business and we are excited to see this part of our organization expand both locally and nationally. For more information on our consulting or recruiting services, please visit sHRsnet.com and/or sHRsrecruiting.com or simply call us at (303) 247-9500.


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