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Have an upcoming interview?

It is probably safe to assume that at some level you are going to be asked some of the standard questions all interviewers like to ask such as:

“Can you tell me a little about yourself?”

“What is your greatest strength, and on the other hand what is your greatest weakness?”

“Could you describe a typical day at your last job?”

“Can you describe your best supervisor?”

They seem easy right? They are at first glance, but sometimes under pressure or in a new situation you may simply go blank, or find yourself providing the deadly TMI (too much information).

By preparing and practicing your answers ahead of time, even if you are given slight variations of these questions you will be way ahead of the game and do great under pressure.

For a successful interview session, we recommend practicing 20 to 25 standard questions with your family or friends. If you take this small step towards improving your interview skills, you are setting yourself up to be the winning candidate!


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