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Great employer branding brings the very best candidates

Bad employer branding not only can be a sales disaster, but it will drastically affect your company’s ability to hire and retain the best employees.   Smart companies appreciate that good employer branding starts with simple, positive strategies. Just a little common sense and some extra effort go a long way.   Competitive salaries and […]

Bad voice mail a bad start for new job search

Often, it’s the little things that count. Who hasn’t called someone, only to hear that his or her voice mailbox is full with absolutely no message on the other end? Job candidates who forget to create a simple, professional voice mail message very well may not be getting a call back from a recruiter or […]

Are you networking enough?

While you are unemployed, or simply looking for that next great opportunity, you need to consider networking as your part-time job. This means dedicating a portion of each day to networking activities:  making calls to key contacts, emailing new contacts, sending a handwritten thank-you note, or doing a check-in call to your network to let […]

9 questions to see if your professional resume is ready or not

Be sure to have your resume in front of you as you go through each question.   Sufficient “white space”: White space not only makes your resume look better and easier to read, but it provides a great first impression of how you present yourself on paper.   Appropriate tense: Write about previous jobs in […]

Don’t forget the sell; first impressions work both ways

As a recruiting company owner, we’re given certain parameters in every new job order — “must haves” from clients on what they like to see in a candidate.  This information may be found in the job description, or some of it may be key traits or previous experience that ensured prior candidates’ success in the […]

Let go of negatives

One of the most common errors made by candidates is making disparaging remarks about their supervisor or company. Joe had a great resume and called about a new management opening with one of my favorite clients. During our phone screen, I asked him about his background. For the next 20 minutes Joe railed about his […]

With resumes it’s the little things

Great tips below provided by Greg Doersching (Leading National Recruiting Trainer): Before you actually begin to write your resume, there are a few things you need to know and consider as you gather the information required to format a compelling resume. Realize that for any specific opening a hiring manager could easily receive dozens and […]

Easy and fast interview prep!

Have an upcoming interview? It is probably safe to assume that at some level you are going to be asked some of the standard questions all interviewers like to ask such as: “Can you tell me a little about yourself?” “What is your greatest strength, and on the other hand what is your greatest weakness?” […]

5 team-building exercises that can go horribly wrong

If you sense a lack of “team” spirit at your company, you may want to research what employees actually think when their boss hires a consultant to run a day or even an entire weekend of “fun” team-building exercises. Here’s a list of just five (and there are many more online) of what employees called […]

How your business hires the ‘best’ recruiter

Do the most successful recruiters have a secret “recipe” to finding and landing that top-notch executive your business needs to advance? To be honest, when hiring a professional search consultant, all you really need to do is make sure you’re asking the right questions. Dig down into the skills listed below, and you’ll discover pretty […]