Are you networking enough?

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While you are unemployed, or simply looking for that next great opportunity, you need to consider networking as your part-time job.

This means dedicating a portion of each day to networking activities:  making calls to key contacts, emailing new contacts, sending a handwritten thank-you note, or doing a check-in call to your network to let them know you are still looking.

Are you doing enough networking?  Here’s a great litmus test:  If your friends and networking contacts are not regularly asking you how your job search is going, then you are not connecting and reaching out to them enough.

Strengthen and increase your presence in your professional associations and community.

Research your professional and community organizations to discover what job resources are available for you.  Stay in touch regularly with those groups, and set goals to make a certain number of meetings and/or connections with this part of your network on a weekly and monthly basis.

Remaining diligent with your networking efforts will reap huge rewards!



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